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Success stories

For decades, physicists have struggled to find and classify exotic phases of matter. Now, the EU-funded GAPS project has shown that the properties of some quantum states are impossible to predict. The findings have already led to the discovery of a new phase of matter, offering citizens new materials and technologies.


Improving displaced people’s self-reliance and resilience

Europe faces an influx of refugees, part of the 16 million plus people worldwide experiencing protracted displacement. The EU-funded TRAFIG project developed solutions better tailored to the needs and capacities of displaced persons. The work is already helping displaced people thrive in their new homes.

Harnessing sensor technology to boost situational awareness in emergencies

Without a clear overview of the scene, first responders can be impaired and lives put at risk. By harnessing the power of sensory data, EU-funded researchers have developed ways to increase situational awareness at disaster scenes. The technology will enable emergency services to work more effectively, helping to keep Europeans safe.