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Success stories

Despite a long history of scientific achievements, women remain acutely under-represented in scientific research and academia. By promoting the use of Gender Equality Plans, the EU-funded SUPERA project aimed to address the inequalities, stereotypes and discrimination that contribute to this shortfall. As a result, several institutions have already started to close their gender gap.


Catalysing the green chemistry industry across Europe

The bio-based economy will bring new sustainable job opportunities for citizens across Europe. However, some regions have little experience or knowledge of how to transition away from fossil fuels. The EU-funded POWER4BIO project is helping to share best practices and provide guidance, to ensure no region in Europe is left behind.

To build more efficient electronic devices, researchers look to nature

When it comes to converting light into energy, nobody does it better than nature. By studying how this natural process works, a group of EU-funded researchers hope to create new methods and tools for replicating it in the lab. If they succeed, their work could open the door to building more energy-efficient electronic and photovoltaic devices.