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Success stories

Without a clear overview of the scene, first responders can be impaired and lives put at risk. By harnessing the power of sensory data, EU-funded researchers have developed ways to increase situational awareness at disaster scenes. The technology will enable emergency services to work more effectively, helping to keep Europeans safe.


Drone-based platform delivers critical support to first responders

In disaster situations, emergency teams can be hampered by confusion and a lack of communication. To address this, EU-funded researchers have developed new drone-based technology that provides situational awareness in real time. This will give first responders valuable information that can save lives.

First drug against a blinding eye infection within reach

A rare infectious disease that can cause permanent blindness may soon have an approved treatment for the first time. A formulation of the molecule polihexanide, optimised by the EU-funded ODAK project, has been shown to cure 87 % of patients. The drug will soon be available to patients across Europe through an early access programme.