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Success stories

Changes to the sugars attached to proteins have been linked with a range of human diseases, but the tools needed to detect this phenomenon have been lacking. The EU-funded GLYCOSURF project developed a new test that can detect these subtle alterations. The technique provides a robust and reliable way to provide early diagnoses.


New tools take automobile AI for a test drive

State-of-the-art software in new vehicles must react in milliseconds, but there are no tools to validate this timing. The EU-funded MASTECS project developed innovative validation technology to assess the timing of software on complex processors and prepared it for commercial use. The technology could make aircraft and automobiles more environmentally friendly and safer for citizens.

A plan for achieving gender equality in the research and innovation system

Despite a long history of scientific achievements, women remain acutely under-represented in scientific research and academia. By promoting the use of Gender Equality Plans, the EU-funded SUPERA project aimed to address the inequalities, stereotypes and discrimination that contribute to this shortfall. As a result, several institutions have already started to close their gender gap.