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Success stories

Cancer is the second leading cause of mortality in EU countries after cardiovascular diseases. The EU-funded uPET project developed a new scanning technique to locate and identify those tumours which present the greatest risk. The technique has been successfully tested on 400 patients and will support more targeted therapies.


Virtual cities enable city planners to test ideas and solutions

Europe’s cities create vast amounts of data, most of which isn’t used by urban planners and policymakers in their decision-making. The EU-funded DUET project created computer replicas of city systems to harness this information and transform cities for the better. The work will help with urban management and the evolution of ‘Smart Cities’ across Europe.

Six European cities gear up for a more circular future

Many cities across Europe are aiming to become truly circular not only by recycling 100 % of the resources available from waste materials, but also by changing their production modes and optimising materials’ flows. The EU-funded REFLOW project developed innovative tools and guidelines to help them achieve this goal. The work will support greener cities for citizens.