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Nanocarriers for safer breast cancer treatment

Patients who've gone through chemotherapy know that as effective as it may be, it also causes a lot of damage to otherwise healthy cells. The EU-funded NANOCARGO project has pushed a solution forward for breast cancer that would avoid such damage. This breakthrough could benefit the many thousands upon thousands of women in Europe who undergo treatment for breast cancer every year.

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New techniques help decrease the risk of developing age-related eye disease

With life expectancy on the rise, more and more people are at risk of developing age-related eye diseases that could cause blindness. The key to treating and managing such diseases is to understand the risk factors involved. To help, one EU-funded project has developed tools that predict not only how likely a person is to develop eye diseases but also what can be done to lower this risk.

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The sustainability sandbox: test your scenarios!

What, exactly, will it take to transition to a low-emission society? Where can we make improvements? Will they be sufficient? How do the options combine? EU-funded researchers have produced a website where users can mix and match possible solutions and explore how these choices play out across key areas.

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