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From agricultural waste to marketable products

Agricultural waste represents a huge pool of untapped resources that can be turned into valuable assets with many potential industrial applications. An EU-funded project is looking for innovative approaches to convert the growing amount of human-produced agricultural waste into eco-efficient, bio-based products.
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Agile auto production gets a digital makeover

Global markets for cars are becoming increasingly competitive, forcing manufacturers to find cost savings while meeting greater demand for customisation. Advances in technology, known as 'Industry 4.0', make these seemingly contradictory demands possible. The EU-funded AutoPro project found a solution.
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Solving the core cooling problem for safer nuclear energy

Decay heat must be removed from the core of nuclear power stations. An EU-funded project demonstrated a reliable and efficient way of removing decay heat, without the need for external power sources, to enhance the safety of nuclear power plants even under potential (Fukushima-like) severe accident conditions.
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Closing the loop in a circular plastics economy

Electrical and electronic equipment is a growing source of waste in Europe and is difficult to recycle. Now EU-funded researchers have found a cheaper way to sort and reuse such waste. Their results could help close the loop in a circular plastics economy and power a more sustainable European future.
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Energy-saving nano-surfaces inspired by nature

More efficient, longer-lasting machine and vehicle components, improved medical implants and novel fluid control technologies are just a few of the potential applications emerging from an EU-funded project inspired by the unique ways in which the skins of some animals interact with water.
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