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New research bolsters evidence for stricter smoke-free laws

Authorities across Europe are being compelled to do more to protect children and non-smokers from tobacco smoke and e-cigarette emissions following landmark EU-funded research that has uncovered worrying levels of exposure to airborne nicotine in private and public spaces, including schools and playgrounds.

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Handy mozzie-checking platform to help keep malaria at bay

To spray or not to spray - and potentially, what with: EU-funded researchers are developing a sophisticated system to facilitate analyses of mosquitoes and their mechanisms of resistance to insecticides, support data sharing and refine decision-making processes. Scientists in Cameroon are helping to advance this bid to boost malaria vector control.

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3D tumour modelling steps up battle against cancer

An EU-funded project is developing innovative ways to mimic the micro-environment that cancer cells encounter inside the human body. The creation of artificial 3D tumour models could pave the way for more accurate testing of cancer drugs and ultimately lead to better treatments.

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Hybrid manufacturing marries material and design freedom

An EU-funded project has demonstrated a unique hybrid manufacturing technology combining the freedom of 3D printing design with the low-cost, reliability and materials diversity of injection moulding. The innovation bridges the costly, risky and time-consuming gap between prototyping and commercial production for everything from medical devices to aircraft components.

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Network continues the fight for Europe's vineyards

An EU-funded network that helps winegrowers protect grapevines from deadly diseases continues to expand its influence. Ongoing interest in the network's knowledge database as well as new projects and collaborations are helping farmers, trainers and advisors keep Europe's wine industry in good health.

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Paving the way to a healthier old age

While lifespans have been steadily increasing, age-related diseases are also on the rise. EU-funded research is looking at ways to help prevent illness in later years and pave the way to a happier and healthier old age.

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