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Building on experience

There are many factors that can influence a building's energy performance that a simulation cannot take into account. This is why one EU-funded project has gathered experience-based input from other building and energy stakeholders on what worked - and what didn't. The result is enbuibench, a platform where users can compare a building's energy use against other buildings with similar characteristics.
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A breath of fresh air for organ transplantation

Better outcomes, even with older and less-promising donor organs: new methods trialled by an EU-funded project have generated compelling results, widening the scope to transplant kidneys and livers that might otherwise not have been considered. Patients and healthcare systems both stand to benefit.
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Unravelling the mystery of how viruses evolve and spread

Emerging viruses pose a serious threat to global public health. EU-funded research is helping to advance our understanding of how infectious diseases evolve and adapt genetically, informing our efforts to develop an effective response. Researchers have already applied these new methods to several public health crises, including COVID-19.
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Machines help humans take control

Employees can often have difficulty working with sophisticated machinery in modern factories. EU-funded researchers have now devised a control interface that can adapt to the experience and abilities of any operator.
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New technologies for safer, tastier food

Food-processing technology advances can help producers make healthier, more attractive food with a longer shelf life. To boost uptake of new methods, an EU-funded project has trialled three promising technologies under industrial conditions.
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Banking on construction materials for eco-benefits

The building industry produces a significant volume of waste which, in turn, creates a sizeable environmental impact. EU-funded research has developed know-how and tools to help the construction sector embrace the circular economy and increase the reuse, reconfiguration and recycling of products, materials, components and buildings.
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Getting smart with electricity networks

An EU-funded project has helped to drive the development and use of smart grid solutions across Europe. It has also provided external engineering teams with free access to state-of-the-art facilities to enable them to carry out their own research.
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