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More inclusive physical education to better tackle obesity

Obesity is on the rise in Europe and with that worrying signs of poor health, stigmatisation and social exclusion, especially among the young. International research is now under way to help schools tackle this scourge through physical education classes that better communicate the benefits of being active to all students, regardless of their gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race and social class.

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How good gut health benefits mind and body

EU-funded researchers have achieved a deeper understanding of how microbes in the gut can influence energy balance and behaviour. This could lead to new ways of tackling weight gain, eating disorders and even psychiatric conditions such as anxiety and depression.

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Saving Europe's fruit crops from invasive pests and disease

Increasing global trade and climate change have helped the spread of non-native pests and diseases across Europe, posing major challenges to plant health. The EU-funded Dropsa project is working with 26 partners in Europe, Asia, New Zealand and North America to find safe and sustainable ways to protect Europe's fruit industry.

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