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New set of tools helps crisis management actors step their game up

Reacting efficiently to natural disasters calls for extensive training, effective technologies and well-oiled strategies. The EU-funded DRIVER+ project provides just the means to these ends, due to its unique test bed and portfolio of solutions. Trials in four European countries already show much promise and will help contribute to ensuring citizens' safety.

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The ultimate platform to handle extreme weather events

During natural disasters, response teams need all the help they can get. The line between success and failure is often paper-thin and innovative IT solutions can make a big difference. Through beAWARE, an EU-funded project, stakeholders have access to a platform integrating high-end technologies and an entirely new approach to disaster management that will ultimately help keep citizens safe.

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Resilient cybersecurity solutions for European businesses

While information technologies have opened up new business opportunities, they have also left companies exposed to new threats. Smaller companies in particular are often ill-prepared to defend against cyberattacks. An EU-funded project has developed new tools to help businesses, and by extension citizens, protect themselves better and have made these available on an easy-to-use platform.

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A smarter approach to cybersecurity

Online security (known as 'cybersecurity') is one of the biggest challenges that companies face. The problem is that most solutions currently on the market are very expensive and rather ineffective. To change this and to help make companies, and by extension citizens, safer, one EU-funded project is taking a new approach - one that takes into account a wide-range of information, such as social media and blogs.

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New solutions help local public administrations fight cyberattacks

Cyberattacks against local governments are on the rise. To help fight back, an EU-funded project has developed and tested a suite of tools and services for preventing and effectively reacting to these attacks. Based on these results, local public administrations in Europe will benefit from a more robust cybersecurity programme that will ultimately help protect citizens and their precious data.

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How COMPROP lifted the veil on political propaganda

An EU-funded project has been making a name for itself with its unique insights into political propaganda and misinformation on social media. The work of this project proves helpful at a time when our societies truly need it most. This is because disinformation keeps spreading online and is threatening the very foundations of our democracies.

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Making bicycle helmets cool to wear

Getting people to wear bicycle helmets can be tricky. Many cyclists complain that helmets are just too hot. But EU-funded researchers are now making the headgear a lot cooler, creating an extra incentive to wear it while boosting safety.

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