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Fishing out enzymes: new catalysts from the bottom of the sea

Enzymes could make many chemical conversions more efficient, more sustainable and more affordable - and marine microbes produce an abundant variety of these biological catalysts, say EU-funded researchers who set out to find new ones for use in industry. A vast collection, new knowledge, four patents and a start-up are the result.

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New technologies for safer, tastier food

Food-processing technology advances can help producers make healthier, more attractive food with a longer shelf life. To boost uptake of new methods, an EU-funded project has trialled three promising technologies under industrial conditions.

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Floating privacy and security in the clouds

As critical government services such as health care move online, it is essential to ensure your personal data is protected and easily managed. EU-funded researchers have come up with a novel solution that allows you to share and protect your personal details in a virtual wallet on the cloud – good for privacy and security.

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Closing the loop in a circular plastics economy

Electrical and electronic equipment is a growing source of waste in Europe and is difficult to recycle. Now EU-funded researchers have found a cheaper way to sort and reuse such waste. Their results could help close the loop in a circular plastics economy and power a more sustainable European future.

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Assessing risks to limit damage from climate change

Extreme weather events due to climate change cause damage to people, assets and property. EU-funded project H2020_INSURANCE is combining climate services with destruction information to create an open-source computer programme which estimates and reduces the losses caused by such disasters.

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The myriad of careers where research skills matter

Opportunities for researchers arise in a wide variety of sectors, but awareness of the full breadth of potential careers in settings other than academia tends to be lacking. An EU-funded project has produced online resources to highlight a wider range of options, in a bid to benefit society, the economy and researchers themselves.

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Fellowships get researchers and technology moving

An EU-funded programme is bringing researchers from across the world to universities and SMEs in Belgium. The aim is to encourage technology transfer, stimulate innovation and develop careers in a range of sectors key to economic growth - including aeronautics and space, agro-food, biotechnology and chemicals.

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