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Upcycling innovation to extract value from biowaste

Too much waste ends up in landfill, removing potentially reusable resources from the economy. To address this, the EU-funded VOLATILE project has developed a process for transforming biological waste which can then be used in a range of industries. This could deliver products with real added value for EU citizens, such as biofuel and bioplastics, as well as soap and Omega-3 oils.

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Innovative metal recycling for sustainable tech

EU-funded researchers are developing low-polluting techniques for recovering valuable metals from communications and green technology waste. This 'urban mining' could help to reduce pollution and ensure a secure supply of metals critical to a low-carbon, connected economy.

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Big data sheds more light on dark matter

EU-funded researchers have helped generate the most accurate map to date of dark matter, the mysterious substance that makes up 80 % of the universe. The innovative big-data technologies they used will have a significant impact on fields as diverse as astrophysics and biomedical imaging.

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Should central bankers fight inflation or go for growth?

Since 1998, the European Central Bank's priority has been to maintain price stability in the euro area. However, EU-funded researchers have proposed that central bankers should place more emphasis on boosting the economy in difficult times. The project's recommendations could feed into policies for a more prosperous Europe.

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