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Strengthening Europe's CBRN industry

Defending the public against the malicious use of CBRN materials is a vital responsibility for European authorities, but it also represents a significant opportunity for European companies. An EU-funded project is working to promote a more efficient, sustainable and globally competitive European CBRN industry.

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New tools to help victims of CBRN incidents

Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) materials are hazardous and represent an important potential risk to human beings. An EU-funded project is developing a 'field toolbox' for emergency services and medical personnel to aid victims of CBRN exposure.

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The magnetic appeal of fusion technology

Nuclear fusion could, potentially, solve our energy problems once and for all, but we're not quite there yet. However, we are already reaping benefits from the research. Technology development for ITER, for example, generates new know-how with possible applications in industry. It has inspired world-leading innovation for a type of analytical instrumentation.

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