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Putting data privacy back in the hands of EU citizens

If data is the new gold, it’s only fair that its rightful owners can use and share it as they please. A novel Privacy-Enhanced Dashboard has been developed by the EU-funded PoSeID-on project. This will make it easier for EU citizens to exercise greater control over their personal data, across a wide range of public and private services.

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Stronger together: Coordinated efforts against pandemics

The scientific community is expected to be prepared for and react promptly to emerging diseases by funding research and development. But to do so, it needs the unyielding and coordinated support from funding organisations. GloPID-R, an EU-funded global network, leads the way in helping ensure that the fight against all pandemics, present and future, is effective, rapid and leaves no one behind.

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How COMPROP lifted the veil on political propaganda

An EU-funded project has been making a name for itself with its unique insights into political propaganda and misinformation on social media. The work of this project proves helpful at a time when our societies truly need it most. This is because disinformation keeps spreading online and is threatening the very foundations of our democracies.

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Electronic music plug-in is laying down new beats

An EU-funded project has developed a software tool composers and producers of beat-driven electronic music can use to generate loops of chord sequences. This enables them to create entrancing soundscapes while turning up the volume on Europe's competitiveness in the music production software market.

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What teachers can learn from teens in a transmedia world

Transliteracy, or the ability to read, write and interact across diverse platforms, tools and media including print, radio, TV and digital channels, has come to symbolise the gap emerging between modernity and tradition, and how this plays out in schools and society. International research has now shed light on what has become one of the hottest subjects today; the evolution of learning in the transmedia digital age, and how it affects (and is affected by) youths.

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Disrupting online extremism to boost safety

An EU-funded research project aims to boost the fight against terrorists and others abusing the internet as a platform to spread hate and incite violence. The project’s recommendations could feed into better strategies to increase global security and prevent extremist violence.

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Using social media to strengthen public security

An EU-funded project is improving understanding of the opportunities, challenges and legal and ethical considerations arising from the use of social media in policing. The project aims to provide a roadmap, including recommendations, to help policymakers better target ways to fight crime and improve public safety.

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Body-worn camera comes on stream

Body-worn video cameras are being adopted by police and security forces around the world. Thanks to an EU-funded project, an SME has brought to market a live-streaming camera that sets new standards for security and functionality.

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