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New set of tools helps crisis management actors step their game up

Reacting efficiently to natural disasters calls for extensive training, effective technologies and well-oiled strategies. The EU-funded DRIVER+ project provides just the means to these ends, due to its unique test bed and portfolio of solutions. Trials in four European countries already show much promise and will help contribute to ensuring citizens' safety.

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The ultimate platform to handle extreme weather events

During natural disasters, response teams need all the help they can get. The line between success and failure is often paper-thin and innovative IT solutions can make a big difference. Through beAWARE, an EU-funded project, stakeholders have access to a platform integrating high-end technologies and an entirely new approach to disaster management that will ultimately help keep citizens safe.

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The sustainability sandbox: test your scenarios!

What, exactly, will it take to transition to a low-emission society? Where can we make improvements? Will they be sufficient? How do the options combine? EU-funded researchers have produced a website where users can mix and match possible solutions and explore how these choices play out across key areas.
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New-generation power semiconductors, made in Europe

An EU, industry, national and regional-funded research project has developed the next generation of energy-efficient power semiconductors, using gallium nitride devices on innovative substrates. They can switch more quickly at high voltages and current densities and will power the smaller and cheaper energy-efficient applications of tomorrow.
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