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Tasty, safe and sustainable: seafood as it should be

The list of innovations brought about by the EU-funded SEAFOODTOMORROW project is impressive. Project outcomes range from new production and processing methods, tailor-made healthy seafood and smartphone apps for consumers. Thanks to the project’s efforts, consumers and citizens can now benefit from higher quality, safer, more transparent and more sustainable seafood products.

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A clever shortcut to useful innovations in healthcare

A new innovative model allows health organisations across Europe to access new technologies through collaboration with IT companies. Some 22 solutions improving healthcare staff and patients’ daily lives have been developed using this model by the EU-funded inDemand project. And more will come soon, promising an even bigger boost in the drive to provide citizens with high-quality healthcare.

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Creating new collaborative opportunities in Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing creates cost-effective, complex parts for many industries. However, many businesses and institutions lack the necessary knowledge and experience to benefit from it. The EU-funded INEX-ADAM project aims to share best practices and encourage collaborations through a dedicated industrial platform that will strengthen European industry, boost the economy and benefit citizens.

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Understanding the social impacts of automation

Many fear that automation could lead to severe unemployment and that our education systems are not fit for purpose. To address these concerns, the EU-funded TECHNEQUALITY project is examining the potential social consequences of our digital age. The findings could help governments to devise policies that maximise economic growth to benefit citizens, whilst mitigating potential social harm.

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Better preparation for job-seeking migrants with a new web-based app

Migrants are often misjudged, purely based on their legal status. The EU-funded SIRIUS project delivers a web-based application to equip migrants with information to better prepare themselves to face the labour market. This will benefit all citizens as the successful integration of migrants into labour markets will help address some of Europe’s pressing societal challenges.

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The ultimate platform to handle extreme weather events

During natural disasters, response teams need all the help they can get. The line between success and failure is often paper-thin and innovative IT solutions can make a big difference. Through beAWARE, an EU-funded project, stakeholders have access to a platform integrating high-end technologies and an entirely new approach to disaster management that will ultimately help keep citizens safe.

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A citizen-centred approach to smart cities

IT solutions/tools can make urban services more efficient, sustainable and user-friendly. The citizens from these areas would need to fully understand how these tools work, and what the benefits are to profit from them. An ambitious EU-funded project has sought to achieve this by developing citizen-focused tools and supporting the next generation of smart city innovators.
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Exploring neutron stars to reveal secrets of the universe

Studying neutron star systems could tell us a great deal about the universe. However, finding these distant objects and extracting data is a challenge. To address this, an EU-funded project has developed groundbreaking models based on gravitational waves, earning a researcher a prestigious award in the process.
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Resilient cybersecurity solutions for European businesses

While information technologies have opened up new business opportunities, they have also left companies exposed to new threats. Smaller companies in particular are often ill-prepared to defend against cyberattacks. An EU-funded project has developed new tools to help businesses, and by extension citizens, protect themselves better and have made these available on an easy-to-use platform.
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