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Engineers put the squeeze on cancer cells

EU-funded researchers have applied engineering know-how to understand what controls the mechanical strength of living cells. Their findings offer new insights into the spread of cancers as well as into diseases of the heart and nervous system.

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Measuring the new world of online work

Labour markets are changing dramatically, with millions now finding and carrying out work online. However, as official statistics only capture traditional labour markets, an EU-funded project has been tracking the growing world of online work.

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How our brains share emotions, such as intense fear

Although being stuck in a brain scanner while being exposed to a horror film may not be everyone's idea of fun, monitoring volunteers' grey cells throughout this process can tell scientists a lot. EU-funded research using this and other memorable techniques has generated new knowledge on the way we process and transmit social information.

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Machines help humans take control

Employees can often have difficulty working with sophisticated machinery in modern factories. EU-funded researchers have now devised a control interface that can adapt to the experience and abilities of any operator.

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Wanted: more women in science and technology

Across the EU, women account for just 13 % of the information science technology and digital workforce. In a bid to improve the gender balance, EU project EQUAL-IST has developed tools to boost female inclusion in university research careers across the sector.

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3D tumour modelling steps up battle against cancer

An EU-funded project is developing innovative ways to mimic the micro-environment that cancer cells encounter inside the human body. The creation of artificial 3D tumour models could pave the way for more accurate testing of cancer drugs and ultimately lead to better treatments.

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