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Brain study opens door to potential new disease treatments

Millions of people suffer from brain diseases. To better understand what happens in the brains of these patients, the EU-funded RobustSynapses project focused on synapses, where many brain conditions often first develop. By identifying key things that can go wrong, the project team has opened the door to potential new targets for life-saving treatments that would benefit everyone.

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A Strategic Research agenda links the ocean with human health

Humanity is realising that the state of our oceans has a direct impact on our wellbeing. To identify key priorities in the field of oceans and human health, the EU-funded SOPHIE project created a network of diverse experts. By changing harmful behaviours and encouraging sustainable practices, they hope to contribute to better health for both the oceans and citizens across Europe and beyond.

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A revolutionary way of treating Short Bowel Syndrome

Short Bowel Syndrome is a medical disorder without a cure and with limited treatment options. But one EU-funded project aimed to change this by creating a functional small bowel using a patient’s own cells or tissue. The result has the potential to substantially improve the chances of survival and the standard of living for those suffering from the disorder.

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Nanocarriers for safer breast cancer treatment

Patients who've gone through chemotherapy know that as effective as it may be, it also causes a lot of damage to otherwise healthy cells. The EU-funded NANOCARGO project has pushed a solution forward for breast cancer that would avoid such damage. This breakthrough could benefit the many thousands upon thousands of women in Europe who undergo treatment for breast cancer every year.

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New techniques help decrease the risk of developing age-related eye disease

With life expectancy on the rise, more and more people are at risk of developing age-related eye diseases that could cause blindness. The key to treating and managing such diseases is to understand the risk factors involved. To help, one EU-funded project has developed tools that predict not only how likely a person is to develop eye diseases but also what can be done to lower this risk.

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Building a better prosthetic hand

Hand loss is a disabling condition that negatively affects quality of life, independence, and mobility. Unfortunately, most of the prosthetic hands currently on the market offer limited feeling and a restricted range of motion. But this could soon change, thanks to an EU-funded project that is creating the tools needed to build a more 'life-like' prosthetic hand that will improve the lives of amputees.

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Sharing data key to tackling major disease outbreaks

An EU-funded project has pioneered new techniques to detect and share information about infectious disease outbreaks. These methods will be used in the future to improve public health responses to pandemics. Already, some of the tools devised in the project are being further developed to specifically tackle the spread of COVID-19.

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