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Stronger together: Coordinated efforts against pandemics

The scientific community is expected to be prepared for and react promptly to emerging diseases by funding research and development. But to do so, it needs the unyielding and coordinated support from funding organisations. GloPID-R, an EU-funded global network, leads the way in helping ensure that the fight against all pandemics, present and future, is effective, rapid and leaves no one behind.

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Accelerating vaccine development for the fight against COVID-19

Developing a vaccine is a time-consuming and complex process. But as the current global pandemic has made abundantly clear, time is of the essence. That is why a group of EU-funded researchers launched a platform that provides services, support, networking, and training to help accelerate the development of important vaccines, including one for COVID-19.

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Unravelling the mystery of how viruses evolve and spread

Emerging viruses pose a serious threat to global public health. EU-funded research is helping to advance our understanding of how infectious diseases evolve and adapt genetically, informing our efforts to develop an effective response. Researchers have already applied these new methods to several public health crises, including COVID-19.

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Faster, more affordable vaccine purification

Generating safe antigens to induce immunity is one of several key steps in vaccine production. Purification is another, and it is typically a complex process. EU-funded researchers have designed a way to simplify the process, boost yields, limit waste and reduce costs, in a bid to help make more doses available more affordably.

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Gender economics in macroeconomic research

By failing to properly take gender interactions into account in research we are limiting today's science. EU-funded research is revealing how economic trends affect genders differently, as for example in the COVID-19 crisis. It is also looking at how the interaction between genders impacts macroeconomic trends.

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