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Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and intense, sometimes with tragic consequences. Europe's coastal cities are preparing to meet the challenges with help from nature and data from outer space.
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A dozen coastal wind turbines at dusk
In less than 30 years Europe must transform society and industry from an energy supply largely based on hydrocarbons, which contribute to climate change, towards a clean energy system based on renewables and low-emissions energy generation.

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Volcanic eruptions play an important role in cooling the planet. But scientists are concerned that climate change could make eruptions less effective at lowering global temperatures. © J. Helgason, Shutterstock
New analysis of ash clouds created from large volcanic eruptions shows the temporary cooling effects are changed as the environment becomes hotter.
Exposure to high temperatures combined with physical activity can lead to physiological problems that affect the ability to work. Image credit- Dimitris Vetsikas/Pixabay
As the Earth warms, heatwaves are expected to occur more often, with sharper intensity and for longer periods. Rising temperatures adversely affect worker productivity and human health, but for policymakers to take substantive action for heat adaptation, and meet what researchers see as a life-saving Paris climate agreement, making an economic case is key. This article first appeared in Horizon Magazine in August 2020.

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Beneficial microbes might spread through a population in the same way as infectious diseases. 

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Credit:  Copyright: Robert Canis, Kent Wildlife Trust, Wildwood Trust and People's Postcode Lottery
Conservationists hope the reintroduction of wildlife into natural environments can act as an ecosystem engineer and help protect biodiversity. The Naked Scientists explore how the European bison is able to exert such dramatic effects on its environment.
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