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Automated-driving technologies are advancing steadily with the promise of reducing road accidents.
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A dozen coastal wind turbines at dusk
In less than 30 years Europe must transform society and industry from an energy supply largely based on hydrocarbons, which contribute to climate change, towards a clean energy system based on renewables and low-emissions energy generation.

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Seagrass meadows play an important role in keeping our oceans healthy and providing a home for all kinds of marine life. © Damsea, Shutterstock
Ordinary people are at the heart of new projects to turn the tide on marine damage and biodiversity loss.
Researchers are ushering in a new way of thinking about robots in the workplace based on the idea of robots and workers as teammates rather than competitors. © BigBlueStudio, Shutterstock
More sophisticated robots are on the way, accelerating a drive to ensure they help workers rather than take their place.

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MERLIN podcast
The MERLIN podcast follows the EU-funded MERLIN project for a behind the scenes look at some of the continent’s most ambitious freshwater restoration projects carried out through cutting-edge aquatic science and conservation.

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Person selected from a group
Companies increasingly use personality tests to improve efficiency and perceived fairness in recruitment. But does the unpredictability of human nature mean we could be missing a trick by filtering everyone with a “one size fits all” algorithm?
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