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Young woman holding shopping bag feeling happy on fashion online store through a mobile screen. Credit © Chaay_Tee, Shutterstock

Saying farewell to a throwaway fashion industry

© Steffen M. Olsen, Danish Meteorological Institute, Denmark - Iceberg, Baffin Bay 2021

Focal point for climate change is at the top of our world, and agenda

© Mogu srl - Research is helping the fashion industry take the lead in embracing the circular economy.

Wood, mushrooms and fish as the new stars of fashion catwalks

© Kovtun Anastasiia, Shutterstock - Woman in natural clothes with an eco mesh string bag vegetables and wildflowers walks along a path on the field

The future of fashion is circular

© Dr Spyros Theodoridis - Sideritis, or ironwort: Treats cough and mild stomach complaints

Saving Europe’s medicinal plants from extinction