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© Kovtun Anastasiia, Shutterstock - Woman in natural clothes with an eco mesh string bag vegetables and wildflowers walks along a path on the field

The future of fashion is circular

© Dr Spyros Theodoridis - Sideritis, or ironwort: Treats cough and mild stomach complaints

Saving Europe’s medicinal plants from extinction

© El Hierro - Remote islands are going green, establishing energy independency that relies on their abundant renewable energy resources including sun, wind and biomass.

Europe’s islands are leading the charge in the clean energy transition

Worker and nasute termites on decomposing wood - © Dr Morley Read, Shutterstock

Destructive insects produce high-value products from biowaste

Electro-active bacteria desalinate and sterilise water making it suitable and safe © FCC AQUALIA SA

Quenching the world’s thirst with off-grid water desalination