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Better tailoring prescriptions to the unique biological make-up of each patient could lead to big improvements in health.
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A dozen coastal wind turbines at dusk
In less than 30 years Europe must transform society and industry from an energy supply largely based on hydrocarbons, which contribute to climate change, towards a clean energy system based on renewables and low-emissions energy generation.

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Forensics expert
Technological developments in evidence gathering hold out promise of fewer offences going unpunished.
Along with breast milk, baby foods and formulas are key to infants' diets. Image credit: Stephen Andrews on Unsplash
Researchers are joining forces with the food and health industries to tighten controls and improve nutrition for infants and children.

From Freshwater Blog

Scientists have published recommendations for foregrounding freshwater ecosystems in the proposed European Nature Restoration Law.
The European Commission's proposal for a European Nature Restoration Law outlines a series of binding targets to restore 20% of the EU’s land and sea by 2030. Five EU-funded research projects analysed the text and shared six key recommendations for foregrounding freshwater ecosystems in the draft law.

From the Naked Scientists

From GPS to weather forecasts, even your bank’s ATM wouldn’t be able to function without a timecode confirmation from a satellite in space. This week the Naked Scientists ask if the increasing numbers of satellites is a problem, how they can be used to spot potential disease outbreaks before they even happen, and more.
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