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11 July 2013

Multi-billion partnerships for EU research

Solving major challenges like finding alternatives to fossil fuels and new antibiotics, boosting the competitiveness of EU industry in sectors that provide good jobs, and bringing research to market – these are the main aims of the EUR 22 billion research partnerships between the EU, industry and Member States that the European Commission announced on 10 July.
10 July 2013

Alternating antibiotics to tackle superbugs

Researchers believe they can take on drug-resistant superbugs by changing the way that drugs are prescribed in hospitals.
08 July 2013

High-power capacitors to replace batteries

They charge in seconds and could run your laptop for a month – supercapacitors are coming, and it’s thanks to graphene, one atom-thick sheets of carbon that are revolutionising industry.
05 July 2013

New drugs... at the bottom of the ocean

European researchers are heading to some of the deepest and coldest places on the planet as part of a race against time to find new medicines that can protect society from increasingly drug-resistant bacteria.
03 July 2013

Climate engineering might be too risky

Fighting global warming with mirrors in space or by seeding clouds would cool the Earth, but the side effects could outweigh the benefits, researchers have concluded.
01 July 2013

Nano-tech sensors to find cancer earlier

New medical devices working with particles so small that they are invisible to the human eye are paving the way for earlier cancer detection, helping save lives.
28 June 2013

Creating life the hard way

A Scotland-based scientist and his team are closing in on a way to build a life form from scratch, and their work is challenging the fundamental assumption that life only exists in animals, plants and microbes.
26 June 2013

Genes, brain plasticity & epileptic seizures

Researchers studying one of the major regulatory proteins in the brain are advancing knowledge about the behaviour of certain genes upon epileptic seizures.
25 June 2013

Happy birthday VLT

The European Very Large Telescope (VLT), one of the most powerful and productive ground-based astronomical facilities in existence, has just turned 15 years old.
24 June 2013

Fighting cancer with high-tech imaging

Researchers who can monitor a cancer tumour as it changes and help direct radiation right into its centre believe they may be able to increase the efficiency of cancer treatment by at least a sixth.