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18 March 2015

Sunny with a slight chance of flares

Orbiting observatories and advances in solar physics are producing the first forecasts of weather in space, and better predictions could help protect frequent flyers, electricity grids and an expanding fleet of satellites.
16 March 2015

Positive solutions to Europe’s magnet problem

Magnets are at the heart of our love affair with tech, but they are currently made from hard-to-get components whose supply is under threat. Now, European scientists are developing replacements based on cutting-edge manufacturing processes and common elements. 
12 March 2015

Earlier migration shows how some species are responding to climate change

Changes in the migratory patterns of birds are providing insights into how the natural world is responding to climate change, and the potential consequences for those species that are able to adapt and those that aren’t.
10 March 2015

Mopping up oil slicks the easy way

Engineers have successfully demonstrated a new technology to clean up oil spills, which could reduce the environmental danger of drilling for oil in cold, rough seas, such as those in the Arctic.
09 March 2015

Europe’s rare earth deposits could shore up tech industry

Rare earth deposits found in Sweden, Finland, Greece and Spain suggest that Europe could reduce its reliance on imports of these critical raw materials, but the biggest challenge facing scientists is how best to extract and process them.
05 March 2015

Particle beams to help study high-pressure rocks as EU shale gas research intensifies

Researchers are developing techniques to study shale rocks under the pressure of two oceans using particle accelerators as Europe steps up research into shale gas.
04 March 2015

Bulgarian research policy to go under the microscope

How national research funding is allocated, who is appointed to key posts, and the link between business and academia are just some of the areas due to come under scrutiny in Bulgaria, thanks to a commitment to undergo an independent peer review of their country’s research and innovation policies.
02 March 2015

The recycling conundrum at the heart of tech

Recycling could help secure the hard-to-get metals that are needed to give smartphones, wind turbines and computer hard disks their special properties, if only engineers can find a way to do it cost-effectively.
02 March 2015

Science rocks – the rare earths that technology can’t live without

You may not have heard of scandium and yttrium, but rare earth elements like these are all around us – in our homes, at work and even in our pockets.
26 February 2015

Virus or bacteria? Soon a test could tell you

If you have a cough and a runny nose, it’s hard to know whether you’re suffering from a viral or bacterial infection – and that’s important because it determines whether you need to take antibiotics or not.