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30 May 2014

Europe needs to modernise its sky - Florian Guillermet

European pilots will be able to fold away their maps and free up their radio frequency in favour of more advanced technologies to communicate their trajectories with air traffic control, said Florian Guillermet, the executive director of the SESAR Joint Undertaking. These are just some of the ways in which SESAR, a public-private R&D partnership, is contributing to Europe’s goal of modernising its air traffic management (ATM) system and joining up its fragmented skies.
20 January 2014

Driverless taxis in European cities from 2014

Driverless taxis will be carrying passengers during demonstration projects in five European cities as of February 2014.
06 December 2013

Robots to help humans on land, air and sea

Research in robotics could lead to machines that can navigate the sea like fish and check out large remote structures from the air. 
25 October 2013

Making railways safer from attack

Blast-resilient carriages and auto-tracking cameras could add new layers of protection to Europe’s rail and metro passengers.
20 September 2013

A universal plug for electric cars

A transatlantic initiative hopes to encourage more people to buy electric cars by developing a universal plug that would drive down the cost and make charging as easy as filling up at a gas station.
13 September 2013

Personal helicopters could transform commuting

Commuters could be lifted out of the noise and pollution of Europe’s overcrowded cities thanks to a group of researchers who are laying down the groundwork for the development of a personal helicopter system as an alternative to land-based travel.
07 August 2013

Clean energy initiative promises greener cars

Zero emission vehicles could help reduce Europe’s carbon footprint, create jobs and preserve energy security if investment in an ambitious new energy partnership pays off.
17 July 2013

Secret weapon in hunt for nuclear smugglers

Clad in white radiation suits with triple layer-gloves, police and nuclear experts carefully probe the debris of an amateur dirty bomb.
07 May 2013

Heavy traffic? No worries for commuters!

Imagine being able to know ahead of time if you will have to wait for your bus due to road works, or if your train is running behind schedule.
18 March 2013

Getting your car in line

Drivers may soon be able to take their hands off the wheel and their eyes off the road in their own cars, leaving the driving to modern technology. That is the conclusion drawn by the partners of the SARTRE project, after recent successful testing of road train ‘platooning’ in Sweden. However, more human barriers remain to be lifted before it could become commonplace.