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06 April 2016

Solid ammonia reduces Copenhagen bus emissions by 90 %

Tanks of solid ammonia, see-through motors and hybrid engines are just some of the technologies that are helping bring diesel pollution down to record-breaking lows.
05 April 2016

Advice on CO2 vehicle emissions testing in six months – EU science panel’s Dr Henrik C. Wegener

The EU’s new Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) panel will deliver its first official advice to the European Commission – on how to close the gap between vehicle CO2 emission levels in the real world and those detected under test conditions – within six months, according to Dr Henrik C. Wegener, Chief Academic Officer at the Technical University of Denmark, and chair of the SAM High Level Group.
02 September 2015

Self-braking cars ‘in five years’

Self-driving cars have been stealing all the media attention. But another revolution in car technology is underway and largely going under-reported.
29 June 2015

The EU needs to regulate for cities with driverless cars – Dr Jean-Luc di Paola-Galloni

Driverless cars may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but according to Dr Jean-Luc Di Paola-Galloni, co-chairman of the European Road Transport Advisory Council (ERTRAC), they could be on our roads in just four years’ time, and so the EU needs to regulate that.
23 June 2015

EU‐US talks to show the road ahead for automated vehicles

High‐level talks between the EU and the US are critical if we are to have self‐driving cars any time soon, carmakers, lawyers, and researchers agree.
08 June 2015

Honey, let the car drive: tech getting ready to take the wheel

Bumper to bumper again. But imagine instead of staring at the car ahead, you ask your car to take over, turning your attention to a game, a book, or even a nap.
01 June 2015

Driverless taxis to become a major form of transport 'in 10 years'

People in cities will shift from using private transport to using self-driving public taxis, as fleets of shared, low-speed electric cars are introduced over the next decade, according to European researchers working on the future of automated transport.
29 October 2014

New batteries could soothe e-car drivers’ range anxiety

Smart control systems and combination batteries could help give reassurance to range-conscious electric car drivers.
04 July 2014

Virtually connected train convoys to help solve Europe’s transport problems - Andy Doherty

The convoying of trains could be one way to help double railway capacity and reduce carbon emissions, according to Andy Doherty, vice-chairman of the European Rail Research Advisory Council and Director of railways system engineering at Network Rail, the UK rail network operator.
04 June 2014

Virtual reality to ease the pain of long-haul flights

If you are not afraid of heights, this one is for you. With your legs outstretched in front of you, glide around a palm-fringed island on a magic carpet, blissfully unaware of the deprivations of a cramped aircraft cabin. If the thought of flying does not appeal, you can choose a land-based scene, with gentle sounds or music to accompany it on your headset.