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Social Sciences

14 December 2015

Where is my mind?

Researchers are using fMRI scanners and specially designed questions to decode your mind, and it’s helping them unpick the links between behaviour and emotions.
02 December 2015

Placebo therapy: consider yourself cured

It’s one of the mysteries that has confounded scientists for over a century – if you offer sick people fake pills and say it will help cure them, it often will. Now, researchers are working out exactly how the placebo effect operates in the brain and how it can be enhanced in order to harness its power in a new approach to treating disease. 
09 November 2015

How can Europe achieve green growth?

It is possible for Europe to shift to a decarbonised economy – and even achieve full employment at the same time – but only if there is government leadership, large upfront investment, and a new way of measuring economic outputs, according to researchers who are coming up with a strategy for how the EU can achieve this.
04 November 2015

Leading a green lifestyle could help us be more satisfied – Prof. Ricardo García Mira

People will need to lead less materialistic lifestyles if we are to transition to a green economy, but the challenge in changing actual behaviours and lifestyles lies in overcoming our ingrained notions about consumption, success and happiness. 
16 October 2015

Cracking the maths behind the economy

Omens of the 2008 financial crisis may have been all around us – we just did not know how to read them. Now, computer scientists, physicists and economists are studying the inner workings of complex networks to understand what went wrong and help stabilise tomorrow’s financial markets.
21 July 2015

How technology is helping culture-lovers cheat time and space

Just because a singer is no longer alive shouldn’t mean they can’t release a new song, just as being born several centuries too late shouldn’t prevent you from appreciating medieval life. That, at least, is the vision of European researchers who are using digital technology to enhance our artistic and cultural experiences.
09 July 2015

Think young people aren’t interested in politics? You’ll be surprised

Young people across Europe are not politically disengaged as is commonly assumed, a research study has found.
22 June 2015

Cultural heritage is an asset, not a liability - Professor Simon Thurley

Investing in cultural heritage will help strengthen Europe’s economy, with the benefits extending far beyond tourism, according to Professor Simon Thurley, former chief executive of English Heritage and senior research fellow at the Institute of Historical Research, London, UK.
19 May 2015

Teaching the teachers: how neuroscience is helping us understand attention and memory

In-brain electrodes and memory tests taken under stressful conditions are revealing how our brains control attention, which could lead to new strategies for reducing distraction and help pupils to learn more effectively.
29 April 2015

At least 5 % of young people suffer symptoms of social media addiction

Preliminary results from a research study into young people’s media habits carried out at the University of Amsterdam reveal that about 5 % of young teenagers can be classified as addicted to social media.