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Social Sciences

Scenes painted in underground tombs in Tarquinia show women and men dancing together as equals. © s74,
Tomb and urn images shed light on the intricacies of Estruscan and Roman civilisation at least 2 000 years ago, reviving it for modern times.
Construction workers are deemed particularly vulnerable to poor mental health. Image credit: CC0 via Unsplash
European researchers are developing online tools to help small and medium-sized enterprises improve the…
One way to prevent crime is to make public spaces – right down to park benches – harder for pickpockets to target. Image credit: CC0 via Unsplash
Reducing everyday offences may depend on harnessing the power of virtual reality, conscious design and…
With its eye on the eventual reconstruction of Ukraine, Europe is helping academics from the country get their lives back on track.
While teen years are never easy, research is examining whether they are harder than ever for the current generation of teenagers.
Recreating long-faded smells from history to evoke the past is a new way to experience culture in museums and tours.
Psychedelic drugs are mostly banned in Europe, but new research suggests they may be beneficial to some when taken in a controlled setting.
Advanced techniques to analyse the Dead Sea Scrolls and Eastern papyri are revealing vibrant secrets about daily life in the ancient world.
Between doomscrolling and disinformation, our media-saturated world makes it difficult to know who to trust. To mark today's International Day of Democracy we spoke to a journalism researcher about…
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Game theory mathematics is used to predict outcomes in conflict situations. Now it is being adapted through big data to resolve highly contentious issues between people and the environment.
A special opera performance in Lisbon improves inclusivity for the marginalised while digital literacy will create new artistic opportunities.
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Lack of trust in health authorities, combined with the fear and uncertainty about the disease, created fertile ground for false rumours to spread about Covid-19 vaccines. Countering the rumours may…
Our consumerist economy constantly prompts us to buy new things to find happiness, even when it's unsustainable. Sufficiency is a burgeoning idea that calls for buying less material goods and finding…