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Public–Private Partnerships

30 May 2014

Europe needs to modernise its sky - Florian Guillermet

European pilots will be able to fold away their maps and free up their radio frequency in favour of more advanced technologies to communicate their trajectories with air traffic control, said Florian Guillermet, the executive director of the SESAR Joint Undertaking. These are just some of the ways in which SESAR, a public-private R&D partnership, is contributing to Europe’s goal of modernising its air traffic management (ATM) system and joining up its fragmented skies.
23 May 2014

Hydrogen could help secure Europe’s energy supply – Bert De Colvenaer

The ability to store electricity using hydrogen could make wind and solar power a secure energy source, freeing Europe from its dependency on imported fossil fuels, according to Bert De Colvenaer, executive director of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, a public-private partnership.
09 May 2014

Uniting 6 000 researchers to crack medicine’s toughest nuts – Michel Goldman

The challenge of tackling some diseases is too great for just one institution, company or country. The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is showing that by bringing people together, real progress can be made, according to Professor Michel Goldman, the initiative’s executive director.  
28 August 2013

Securing the technology that underpins innovation

Electronic systems are at the heart of new technology, and a partnership between the EU and industry aims to secure Europe's supply. 
21 August 2013

Cleaner and quieter future for Europe’s skies

Europe’s skies will be cleaner and quieter thanks to a proposed partnership between the EU and industry. During the partnership, technologies will be developed to help cut noise and carbon dioxide emissions from planes by up to 30 %.
14 August 2013

Oil-free fuel from agricultural waste

Europe’s agricultural by-products could be increasingly used to give people greener everyday commodities, such as oil-free vehicle fuel and bio-plastics, thanks to a planned multi-billion-euro partnership between the EU and industry.
07 August 2013

Clean energy initiative promises greener cars

Zero emission vehicles could help reduce Europe’s carbon footprint, create jobs and preserve energy security if investment in an ambitious new energy partnership pays off.
31 July 2013

EU partnership targets top diseases

A multi-billion-euro partnership between the EU and the pharmaceutical industry in Europe plans to target the top diseases, as identified by the World Health Organization (WHO), over the next decade.
11 July 2013

Multi-billion partnerships for EU research

Solving major challenges like finding alternatives to fossil fuels and new antibiotics, boosting the competitiveness of EU industry in sectors that provide good jobs, and bringing research to market – these are the main aims of the EUR 22 billion research partnerships between the EU, industry and Member States that the European Commission announced on 10 July.