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02 December 2013

Make way for the robots

Connected through the cloud, as part of an intelligent swarm, in homes and on the streets, robots are about to break into our daily lives. In this issue of Horizon, we talk to the scientists who are putting Europe at the forefront of robotics research.
05 November 2013

Fighting cancer

This issue of Horizon looks at EU research which is holding out the promise of radical new treatments for cancer.
02 October 2013

Energy research and innovation – powering Europe’s future

This issue of Horizon looks at the research and technology that is helping Europe generate more energy while emitting less greenhouse gas.
12 September 2013

Science and the city

With more and more EU citizens living in cities, Horizon finds out how science has the potential to transform life in Europe’s crowded urban areas.
06 August 2013

Sea, sun … and science

As Europeans head to the beaches for their summer holidays, Horizon takes a look at the science of the Mediterranean.