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26 August 2013

Europe launches biggest telecoms satellite

Europe has launched its biggest-ever telecoms satellite, and it includes some of the most sophisticated technology ever used for civilian purposes.
23 August 2013

Mobile app to treat sick children in Malawi

A mobile app that helps diagnose and treat sick children in remote parts of Malawi could have a significant impact on survival rates across the continent.
02 August 2013

A quantum leap in computing

Quantum computing could revolutionise science by offering a new way of solving complex problems beyond the scope of standard transistor-based computers.
05 June 2013

Locusts inspire split-second braking

Cars could brake in a split-second when faced with a possible collision, if a robotics breakthrough inspired by locusts delivers on its promise.
07 May 2013

Heavy traffic? No worries for commuters!

Imagine being able to know ahead of time if you will have to wait for your bus due to road works, or if your train is running behind schedule.
18 March 2013

Getting your car in line

Drivers may soon be able to take their hands off the wheel and their eyes off the road in their own cars, leaving the driving to modern technology. That is the conclusion drawn by the partners of the SARTRE project, after recent successful testing of road train ‘platooning’ in Sweden. However, more human barriers remain to be lifted before it could become commonplace. 
18 March 2013

Parma-Shanghai: 15 000 km without a driver

Vehicles without drivers can go far, very far. Such as the ones from the VIAC project, led by Professor Broggi from VisLab at the University of Parma, Italy. Its vans drove from Parma to Shanghai, China in three months, without much human intervention.