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The Internet of Things allows our smart gadgets in the home and wearable technologies like our smart watches to communicate and operate together. Image Credit: Ponchai nakumpa via Pixabay
Power management systems that harvest ambient energy will power billions of small devices on the Internet of Things.
A board of the game Go with players.
Environment  |  ICT  |  Social Sciences
Game theory mathematics is used to predict outcomes in conflict situations. Now it is being adapted through…
False assertions about Covid-19 vaccines during the pandemic have highlighted the importance of journalists, researchers and the general public being able to spot and filter out fake news (© Gorodenkoff, Shutterstock).
Health  |  ICT  |  Social Sciences
Lack of trust in health authorities, combined with the fear and uncertainty about the disease, created…
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The European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) was established in 2021 to become the operational arm of the European Union’s space ambitions. That means they manage the commercialisation…
Agriculture  |  Environment  |  ICT  |  Industry
Automation and computer-aided designs are seeding the future of home gardens. With the onset of designer gardens as a service and rose-pruning robots, weekends spent toiling in the garden will be…
Industry  |  ICT
Uncrewed aircraft responding to fire and medical emergencies will be used to save lives - if digitalised air-traffic control can help them navigate safely in the skies over Europe.
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Scientists must make ever more sophisticated measurements as technology shrinks to the nanoscale and we face global challenges from the effects of climate change.
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Each day, millions of us load fresh fruit and flowers into our shopping baskets. The global trade in cut flowers and citrus fruits together are worth around €30 billion. When it comes to embracing…
Health  |  ICT
Non-invasive diagnostics such as light scanners and swabs are increasingly used to diagnose illness in people. Now EU-backed scientists are trying to extend the techniques to the treatment of pets.
Often there’s a spark of inspiration or a flash of insight. Whatever it is, these ‘Aha!’ or ‘Eureka’ moments have led to some of the world’s greatest discoveries and technological innovations. And it…
ICT  |  Health  |  Frontier research
Four huge robot arms surround the gleaming metal shell of what will soon be a top-of-the-range automobile. They jerk into life, attaching the bonnet, the wing mirrors, and other panels. It’s the kind…
Health  |  ICT  |  Frontier research
This article was originally published on 28 October 2020. Picture this: You’ve experienced no physical sensation beyond your wrists for years, then a doctor drapes a thin, flexible membrane over your…
Energy  |  Environment  |  ICT
The inspiration to use Earth’s abundant supply of water as a source of hydrogen fuel is not new. But will it fuel the future? Meet two leading European innovators who are championing clean hydrogen…