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ICT  |  Security
With cyberattacks on the rise against everything from businesses to critical infrastructure, companies, governments and researchers are joining forces to strengthen firewalls.
Robotics and AI in healthcare
The enhancement of human-machine interaction is expected to bring big improvements in support for learning…
Robot surgeons
Health  |  ICT
With extreme precision needed for certain medical operations, state-of-the-art robots offer a way to make…
Every cloud has a silver lining. So whether or not the sun sets on cryptocurrencies, its underlying technology, blockchain, has a bright future beyond just coins.
Agriculture  |  ICT
From oxen to horses to tractors to robots: the European farm industry is poised to undergo another innovative disruption - this time brought about by artificial intelligence.
ICT  |  Industry
More sophisticated robots are on the way, accelerating a drive to ensure they help workers rather than take their place.
Energy  |  Environment  |  ICT  |  Industry  |  Security
Recycling silicon from solar panels advances Europe’s green goals as well as creating jobs and harnessing scarce resources.
Power management systems that harvest ambient energy will power billions of small devices on the Internet of Things.
Environment  |  ICT  |  Social Sciences
Game theory mathematics is used to predict outcomes in conflict situations. Now it is being adapted through big data to resolve highly contentious issues between people and the environment.
Health  |  ICT  |  Social Sciences
Lack of trust in health authorities, combined with the fear and uncertainty about the disease, created fertile ground for false rumours to spread about Covid-19 vaccines. Countering the rumours may…
Agriculture  |  Environment  |  Health  |  ICT  |  Industry
The European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) was established in 2021 to become the operational arm of the European Union’s space ambitions. That means they manage the commercialisation…
Agriculture  |  Environment  |  ICT  |  Industry
Automation and computer-aided designs are seeding the future of home gardens. With the onset of designer gardens as a service and rose-pruning robots, weekends spent toiling in the garden will be…
Industry  |  ICT
Uncrewed aircraft responding to fire and medical emergencies will be used to save lives - if digitalised air-traffic control can help them navigate safely in the skies over Europe.