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01 August 2014

Vaccines to take on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Scientists have worked out how to make our immune systems turn against proteins linked to diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, offering the possibility of stopping and even reversing the effects of these devastating conditions.
30 July 2014

Space and time get mixed in the mind

For the brain, time becomes a factor when dealing just with space, and vice versa – that’s the finding of researchers who are using modern technology to answer an age-old problem.
25 July 2014

EU research funding increasingly important in financial crisis aftermath - Dr Manuel Arruebo

The economic crisis in Europe has forced many countries to scale back financing for blue-sky research, making European Research Council (ERC) funding increasingly important, according to the ERC’s 4 000th grantee, Dr Manuel Arruebo, professor of chemical engineering at Zaragoza University in Spain.
21 July 2014

Radiation shielding to protect a mission to Mars

Lightweight magnetic shields could be the best way to protect an astronaut from deadly radiation as they travel to Mars or beyond.
11 July 2014

Complex molecules could beat back drug-resistant bacteria

New imaging techniques are helping give researchers an edge over nature, allowing them to create revolutionary new antibiotics which bacteria will struggle to develop resistance against.
27 June 2014

Tsetse genome helping find sleeping sickness cure – Prof. Jan Van Den Abbeele

The genome of the tsetse fly was sequenced in April, and it means scientists are closing in on a way to fight diseases caused by the pathogen it carries, according to Professor Jan Van Den Abbeele at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, who helped generate the data along with his team of researchers. 
18 June 2014

Virtual reality helps stroke victims walk again

Virtual reality and video games are being used to help people fight back from debilitating strokes.
16 June 2014

Exercise won't always make you healthier

People do not always get healthier after exercise – that is the finding of several EU-funded research projects looking into the prevention of lifestyle-related diabetes, heart failure and osteoporosis. Now they are trying to work out why.
12 June 2014

Football fans turning passion into action

Many football fans watch matches on the sofa or in the pub, and their fitness levels often contrast hugely with those of the players on the field. New efforts are underway to convert their fandom into motivation to get active and improve their health, or even to channel their support in socially beneficial ways.
06 June 2014

Wireless ‘smart trainers’ give real-time advice

Bluetooth-connected smart trainers could advise runners in real time if they are at risk of injuring themselves, based on an analysis of their running pattern.