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25 May 2022

Boosting brain function in later life through singing

Ask anyone in a choir why they enjoy it, and they will tell you about the euphoric effects singing has on their mental health. A team of neuroscientists and clinical psychologists based at the University of Helsinki (Finland) believe these benefits could extend to improving brain function and treating aphasia.
16 May 2022

Next-gen vaccines set to maintain immunity as the years advance

Vaccine potency drops in the elderly and little is known about why this happens. Now European scientists are on a mission to understand waning immunity and to develop strategies that make vaccines work effectively in all age groups.
12 May 2022

Our cells hold the secrets of ageing

Most of us think about getting older from time to time, noticing how the years slip by and counting the grey hairs. Some of us even try and fight back, rubbing anti-ageing creams into our cheeks and turning to ideas like fasting.
09 May 2022

Taking pray out of spray and Spotify for blossoms

Each day, millions of us load fresh fruit and flowers into our shopping baskets. The global trade in cut flowers and citrus fruits together are worth around €30 billion. When it comes to embracing technology, however, these big businesses tend to remain stuck in the past.
04 May 2022

Eating your way to a healthy old age

Tweaks to our diets could be one of the most effective ways of preventing disease in Europe’s ageing population.
02 May 2022

Spinning silk into next-generation eye and knee implants

For thousands of years, silk has been treasured for its qualities as a beautiful material for elegant garments. But scientists are harnessing the less obvious qualities of silk to develop versatile replacement parts for human eyes and knees.
28 April 2022

Organic pesticides to provide natural protection for endangered crops

Some vitally important European crops like vines and olives are being devastated by disease. Scientists are searching for biological replacements for chemical pesticides to improve crop and human health.
25 April 2022

The end of superbugs starts with better animal welfare

Antimicrobial resistance is a growing threat to both human and animal health. Researchers in Europe and worldwide are investigating new approaches to tackle the problem.
18 April 2022

Cellular spring cleaning may keep us youthful and healthy for longer

The in-built process of maintaining the health of our cells by recycling dead or toxic material plays a key role in our health overall. Known as autophagy, researchers are now keen to know if boosting the natural process may hold off the debilitating diseases of old age.
11 April 2022

Man bites back at killer dog bites with smart optics

Non-invasive diagnostics such as light scanners and swabs are increasingly used to diagnose illness in people. Now EU-backed scientists are trying to extend the techniques to the treatment of pets.