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Along with breast milk, baby foods and formulas are key to infants' diets. Image credit: Stephen Andrews on Unsplash
Researchers are joining forces with the food and health industries to tighten controls and improve nutrition for infants and children.
Cases of liver cancer in Europe have tripled since 1980 and an organ transplant is often the only cure. © sturti, iStock
With the only cure for liver cancer often being a transplantation, scientists are honing the selection of…
Robot surgeons
Health  |  ICT
With extreme precision needed for certain medical operations, state-of-the-art robots offer a way to make…
New personalised approaches to depression will either predict when a person is at risk to stop the condition in its tracks or target the illness with the optimum drug.
Triple negative breast cancer is a hard-to-treat form that accounts for 15% of all cases, with recovery hopes emerging from chemotherapy drugs that stimulate the immune system and others that cause…
Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men and its diagnosis - and treatment - can take a toll on emotional and mental health.
Health  |  Industry
Cosmetics often use unsustainable ingredients, but new research is answering the growing demand for eco-friendly products.
Medicines that have been approved to medicate one ailment are being repurposed to treat others, saving lives and giving fresh hope to millions saddled with disease.
Psychedelic drugs are mostly banned in Europe, but new research suggests they may be beneficial to some when taken in a controlled setting.
New formulation sunscreens could offer better protect against skin cancer by filtering out more harmful ultra-violet rays.
Artificial limbs, implants and extra thumbs restore and add to our body’s natural capabilities, but how do the brain and nervous system welcome these new body parts?
The EU has just announced recommendations on a new approach of ‘screening more and screening better’ to combat cancer cases.
Scientists are probing what happens in the brain as people slumber and how they can enjoy the restorative effects of better deep sleep.