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29 July 2013

Mediterranean Sea: small changes big impacts

A Mediterranean cruise might not sound like a typical day in the life of a scientist, but for researchers studying the effects of human activity on the environment, the sea has become an extension of their laboratory.
24 July 2013

The value of the sea can’t just be measured by markets

Dr Tim O'Higgins, coordinator of the EU-funded KnowSeas project, based in Oban, Scotland, argues that implementation of the EU Integrated Maritime Policy will require a delicate balance between the use of Europe’s seas and conservation of the maritime ecosystem.
22 July 2013

Biosensors to make drinking water safer

A third of a million Europeans get ill every year from diseases caused by contaminated water. Researchers now hope that smart biosensors can help them develop an early warning system that can prevent infection by raising the alarm long before contaminated floodwater reaches people’s drinking water supplies.
03 July 2013

Climate engineering might be too risky

Fighting global warming with mirrors in space or by seeding clouds would cool the Earth, but the side effects could outweigh the benefits, researchers have concluded.
20 June 2013

Shifting gear on biofuels

Car fuel made from agricultural waste could help cut down carbon usage without taking up land that is used to grow food. It is one innovation that could help the biofuels industry shift up a gear.
11 June 2013

When the geologist met the chef

Our food is directly influenced by the ground on which we stand. A group of European geologists have put together their very own cookbook to show us why.
10 June 2013

Deep earth modelling to reveal vast EU deposits

High-tech 3D models of rock formations deep underground should reveal that Europe has vast concealed ore deposits, researchers believe, helping to ease Europe's dependency on imported metal.
07 June 2013

How are the bees doing?

Innovative new EU-funded research aims to help tackle an alarming decline in Europe's bee population. At Nottingham Trent University in the UK researchers are developing new methods to transfer wirelessly information about the health of the hive to the beekeeper.
24 May 2013

300 tornadoes hit Europe every year

The deadly tornado that hit the city of Moore near Oklahoma City in the US on 20 May dramatically highlighted such extreme weather events and their dangers. In Europe, the same phenomenon is under close scrutiny.
15 May 2013

From plastic litter to high-quality compost

Early shoots for the bioeconomy have sprung up through innovative ideas in completely different businesses. And, at the same time, they raise some legislative initiatives.