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Clouds play an important role in both warming and cooling the planet. Image credit: CC0 via Unsplash
While barely being given a second thought by most people, the masses of condensed water vapour floating in the atmosphere play a big role in global warming.
Miniature robotics and AI can help build healthier bee colonies, benefitting biodiversity and food supply. © 0 Lorenzo Bernini 0,
Environment  |  ICT
Miniature robots that mimic living organisms are being developed to explore and support real-life ecosystems.
Over time, plastic waste is weathered and breaks down into tiny fragments. © Kuttelvaserova Stuchelova,
Growing awareness of microplastics in the ground and in freshwater highlights the need to tackle an…
Digital advances will increase the sustainability of global fisheries and preserve marine ecosystems.
Energy  |  Environment  |  Transport
Five experts who appeared in Horizon Magazine in 2022 outline how their areas of activity will evolve in the coming year and more.
The tracking of cold-water creatures offers insights into the worrisome effects of global warming.
Energy  |  Environment  |  Transport
Greenhouse gas emissions have been declining steadily in the EU in recent years, dropping by over a quarter between 1990 and 2019. However, transport is one sector that has bucked the trend, despite…
Ordinary people are at the heart of new projects to turn the tide on marine damage and biodiversity loss.
European projects are helping cities and regions find the best ways to adjust to more frequent – and increasingly severe – heat waves, storms and floods.
Lessons in resilience and adaptability for urban communities are filtering in from the edges of the city and beyond.
Climate adaptation requires communities to plan ahead for the unavoidable changes coming our way not just immediately but decades from now.
As supplies of fresh water shrink around the world, efforts are under way to extract more of it from the air and sea. European research projects and companies are at the forefront of this…
Ahead of this month's COP27 conference in Egypt, we speak to the co-chair of the IPCC's Sixth Assessment Report who tells us the destructive influence of climate change is coming more quickly and…