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26 November 2021

73 solutions to the climate and biodiversity crisis

Research and innovation projects are turning green challenges into opportunities to spur Europe’s recovery from the coronavirus crisis.
24 November 2021

Digital technologies rescue food from landfill

Food waste has reached colossal proportions and the magnitude of the problem requires equally massive resources with the potential to supply sustainable answers. What better than the dynamic digital databases and advanced analytics we literally have access to “at our fingertips”.
22 November 2021

Could negative emissions actually help curb climate change?

Many future climate scenarios suggest that negative emissions will be needed to limit global warming. Researchers are now investigating how feasible this is.
18 November 2021

Smaller than a grain of sand, phytoplankton are key to aquatic health

Scientists are inching closer to revealing the elusive mechanisms that tiny marine species activate to transform organic contaminants in water into less toxic chemicals.
17 November 2021

Scientists improving the ‘crystal ball’ for better climate predictions

Climate models are used to predict how the climate will likely respond to rising greenhouse gas concentrations in the coming decades, a timescale crucial to meeting the terms of the Paris Agreement. That’s why it’s necessary to keep developing and refining such models to better support climate policies.
15 November 2021

Europe is finding its hidden treasures to build its green, digital and climate-neutral economy

Researchers are finding ways to ensure we have a sufficient supply of the raw materials needed to make everything from laptops to satellites. We look at the high-tech geomodels that could lead Europe into a more secure and independent future.
03 November 2021

Keeping one step ahead of earthquakes

While accurately predicting earthquakes is in the realm of science fiction, early warning systems are very much a reality. As advances in research and technology make these systems increasingly effective, they’re vital to reducing an earthquake’s human, social and economic toll.
01 November 2021

Nature and climate crises: two sides of the same coin

A changing climate means changing habitats. This in turn further intensifies the effects of climate change, which cause biodiversity loss. To stop this cycle, researchers are looking towards nature-based solutions.
28 October 2021

Battling wildfires from behind the scenes

Catastrophic wildfires in Europe have become a far too common headline and this year has been no exception as the world once again bore witness to parts of the continent burning. While southern Europe is no stranger to the devastation and loss they leave in their wake, countries in central and northern Europe – areas that were previously not prone to wildfires – are now also experiencing them. Harnessing science and technology, researchers are proving that there is more than one way to fight and respond to fire.
27 October 2021

Sustainable fashion aims to make green the new black

Fast fashion, which encourages clothing to be quickly discarded and replaced, uses significant amounts of natural, social, and creative resources and creates excessive waste. Research into sustainable fashion aims to change this.