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Robotic technology can make offshore wind power cheaper. Image credit: Jesse De Meulenaere on Unsplash
Europe is striving to cut the costs of operating wind turbines on water.
Solar panels in city
As Europe strives to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, Turku and Dijon are among a group of…
Soon it will be possible to work out what people are imagining by observing brain activity. © Gorodenkoff, Shutterstock
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Five experts who appeared in Horizon Magazine in 2022 outline how their areas of activity will evolve in the…
As it confronts environmental, geopolitical and economic shocks, Europe is in a position to show the way to climate neutrality and social equality, top advisor says.
European research is expanding clean-energy options, bolstering the EU’s goal to become climate-neutral by 2050.
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Greenhouse gas emissions have been declining steadily in the EU in recent years, dropping by over a quarter between 1990 and 2019. However, transport is one sector that has bucked the trend, despite…
Enough sunlight hits the earth to meet its entire energy needs, offering the promise of cheap fuel to power vehicles, machines and heavy industries.
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Recycling silicon from solar panels advances Europe’s green goals as well as creating jobs and harnessing scarce resources.
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European cities have joined forces to find quicker ways of promoting clean energy and curbing fossil fuels, advancing climate goals made more urgent by Russia’s war in Ukraine.
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It’s full steam ahead for the European shipping industry as a new wave of clean-energy tech is set to throw greenhouse-gas emissions overboard.
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With the overall rapid growth of air travel, aircraft design is ripe for decarbonisation, but widespread electric flight requires better batteries and lightweight systems.
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Retrofitting housing to be more energy efficient and provide equitable benefits for all is essential to make Europe carbon neutral. The job is challenging and complex and some people have trust…
The old joke is that nuclear fusion is always 30 years away. Yet the dream of abundant clean energy is no laughing matter as we meet an ITER researcher to catch up on progress at the reactor facility…