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Biobased fascia
Natural materials including farm waste can make autos and other industries more sustainable, less toxic.
Scenes painted in underground tombs in Tarquinia show women and men dancing together as equals. © s74,
Tomb and urn images shed light on the intricacies of Estruscan and Roman civilisation at least 2 000 years…
Cell death, an essential process of the body, can sometimes go wrong and lead to inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. © NAR studio,
When the body machinery that kills off hundreds of millions of cells a day fails, inflammation and sickness…
European researchers are developing online tools to help small and medium-sized enterprises improve the mental health of employees.
Reducing everyday offences may depend on harnessing the power of virtual reality, conscious design and community spirit.
With its eye on the eventual reconstruction of Ukraine, Europe is helping academics from the country get their lives back on track.
Energy  |  Transport
New sails and boat designs are set to help shipowners slash fuel costs and emissions.
While barely being given a second thought by most people, the masses of condensed water vapour floating in the atmosphere play a big role in global warming.
With tens of millions of poultry culled every year to contain avian influenza, scientists are rushing to find new ways to protect flocks from infection and avert a human pandemic.
Fish farming can make food supplies more stable while itself becoming more sustainable, according to researchers in Hungary and Norway.
While teen years are never easy, research is examining whether they are harder than ever for the current generation of teenagers.
While not primarily useful for telling the time, nuclear clocks could allow scientists to test humankind’s fundamental understanding of how reality works.
Environment  |  ICT
Miniature robots that mimic living organisms are being developed to explore and support real-life ecosystems.