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Artificial intelligence is set to revolutionise agriculture by helping farmers meet field-hand needs and identify diseased plants.  © baranozdemir, iStock
Agriculture  |  ICT
From oxen to horses to tractors to robots: the European farm industry is poised to undergo another innovative disruption - this time brought about by artificial intelligence.
Woman behind the wheel of autonomous car
Automated-driving technologies are advancing steadily with the promise of reducing road accidents.
Airports and seaports are preparing the critical infrastructure needed to reduce emissions from transport. Image credit: Jan Rosolino via Unsplash
Ports for planes and ships are gearing up for the era of sustainable fuels and renewable energy.
Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men and its diagnosis - and treatment - can take a toll on emotional and mental health.
Health  |  Industry
Cosmetics often use unsustainable ingredients, but new research is answering the growing demand for eco-friendly products.
Ordinary people are at the heart of new projects to turn the tide on marine damage and biodiversity loss.
ICT  |  Industry
More sophisticated robots are on the way, accelerating a drive to ensure they help workers rather than take their place.
QR codes on milk cartons could be used to provide consumers with detailed information on the care and wellbeing of farm animals reared as livestock.
European projects are helping cities and regions find the best ways to adjust to more frequent – and increasingly severe – heat waves, storms and floods.
Hydrogen and battery-powered barges, tugs, container ships and ferries for inland waterways will help lower emissions from shipping.
Lessons in resilience and adaptability for urban communities are filtering in from the edges of the city and beyond.
Climate adaptation requires communities to plan ahead for the unavoidable changes coming our way not just immediately but decades from now.
Recreating long-faded smells from history to evoke the past is a new way to experience culture in museums and tours.