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23 September 2021

On course for healthier, more sustainable soil

If we want to transition to a greener, healthier and more climate resilient Europe, it is important to ensure our soils are in good condition. However, the quality of soils is worsening because of unsustainable management practices, depletion of resources, climate change and pollution.
21 September 2021

Cutting-edge European technology for cleaner mobility in cities

European Mobility Week, the European Commission’s flagship awareness raising campaign on sustainable urban mobility, kicked off 16 September. Reducing air pollution from vehicles has been an important focus of the campaign since its launch 20 years ago; and despite significant progress, it’s an issue where sustained effort and innovation remain in high demand. A completely new European-based technology is poised to deliver a solution that could bring us one step closer to a zero-pollution Europe.
20 September 2021

Young scientists shine at EU contest for outstanding projects

On 19 September in Salamanca, Spain, the first-ever hybrid European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) rewarded and celebrated the best young scientific talent that Europe has to offer.
16 September 2021

Digital data drives better soil management

When we think about limited resources in agriculture, water is normally the first that springs to mind. The bad news is that just like water, soil is a finite resource that is fast deteriorating as a result of human activity. The good news: research is providing farmers, landowners and policymakers with new tools to turn the tide.
15 September 2021

New forecasting models could help prevent heat-related deaths

For parts of southern Europe, extreme heatwaves are now the rule, not the exception. New accurate and reliable weather prediction models could help regions better ‘anticipate, prepare for, respond to and recover from’ these increasingly extreme weather events.
14 September 2021

The answer lies beneath our feet

Healthy soil is something most of us take for granted, but it is crucial for life. As one of our most vital resources, we depend upon it for the food we eat, the textiles we wear and the wood we use to build our homes.  
14 September 2021

Bringing Europe’s soils back to life

This month’s Horizon Magazine takes a look beneath our feet at the fascinating world of soils, a critical resource that is often overlooked, in every sense of the word. We speak to soil science expert Professor Claire Chenu on raising public awareness of the crucial role soils play in growing our food and maintaining life on the planet.
08 September 2021

Ancient cave deposits reveal our climate future

As natural climate archives, the deposits found in caves can play an important role in our ability to understand – and predict – climate change.
07 September 2021

Our intelligent ancestor, the Neanderthal

While the jury is still out as to why the Neanderthal, an ancient ancestor of modern humans, became extinct about 40,000 years ago, it has long been assumed that it was because they possessed a low level of intelligence. Pioneering research is challenging this idea, uncovering evidence to suggest that our ancient cousins were in fact much more like us than we thought.
03 September 2021

New digital tools to track illegal wildlife trade online

As governments around the world turned to lockdowns and travel restrictions to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, smugglers used social media to find new ways to connect with potential customers.