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  • Every agreement remains discretionary - Horizon is not obliged to publish external content, even if the partner publication has already fulfilled their side of the agreement.
  • Horizon reserves the right to change or adapt any piece of text published on its website, regardless of the provenance.
  • The final decision on whether to publish external content rests with Horizon’s Editorial Board.
  • Partnered content must be clearly labelled FROM [PARTNER’S NAME] so that the reader knows it is content from another website.
  • The topic of the content must be of interest to our readers by having some connection to research and innovation in Europe.
  • The content must be original work from an independent news organisation.
  • The content must be accurate and balanced.
  • No-one can stand to benefit commercially from the content exchange.
  • Partnered content is published below the fold, between the article blocks and the Most Popular and From Around The Web block.
  • Logos can be incorporated into the image accompanying the partnered content item, but do not normally appear on the Horizon homepage itself.