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14 November 2016

Bacteria turn trees into pollution-eating machines

Hacking trees by adding bacteria to their roots could help scrub contaminated soil clean of chemicals and metals from industrial spillages and fallouts, a process known as gentle remediation. 
12 October 2016

Natural enemies enlisted as troops in war on pests

From fungal spore spray to insect egg dispensers, unleashing an army of living enemies on crops to keep pests and diseases in check may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but it’s part of a more natural approach to agriculture, designed to decrease reliance on chemicals.
06 October 2016

Plastic-eating bacteria offer recipe against recycling slowdown

Recycling innovations such as plastic-eating microbes could sweeten the fortunes of the global plastic recycling industry which has suffered from cut-throat competition due to the low price of oil, one of the main ingredients of traditional plastic products.
15 September 2016

High hopes for houses made from hemp

A cutting-edge refinery is processing specially bred hemp and researching innovative new biomaterials that could help build future eco-friendly homes.
11 August 2016

Tech trends undermine move to zero-waste economy

Each year a new wave of computers, smartphones and accessories swarm the market with smaller components made from increasingly complex materials. While this technological evolution may be exciting for consumers, the trend towards obsolescence is impeding our progress towards a zero-waste society, according to researchers working in the area.
25 January 2016

Tobacco-powered aeroplane to be tested ‘within months’

Researchers are getting ready to test a tobacco-powered aeroplane thanks to a new bio jet fuel made from the seeds of nicotine-free plants, and the result could be a 75 % reduction in carbon emissions compared to fossil fuels.
17 July 2014

A new dimension of seaweed farming

Researchers are developing textiles that could be used for large-scale seaweed farms off Europe’s coast.
23 June 2014

Burgers made from bug-fed chicken coming to a supermarket near you

Researchers are preparing to conduct field trials of house fly larvae as a protein-rich supplement to animal feed made of cereals and corn.
06 June 2014

Bug-based chicken burgers in supermarkets soon

Researchers are preparing to conduct field trials of house fly larvae as an alternative to animal feed made of cereals and corn, and it means bug-based burgers, bacon and chicken breast could be on supermarket shelves soon.
23 April 2014

Food packaging made from tomatoes

Researchers are using a lacquer made from processed tomatoes to coat cans of food as part of a drive to replace food packaging with healthier, natural alternatives.