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Bringing Europe’s soils back to life

Soils, a critical resource often overlooked
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This month’s Horizon Magazine takes a look beneath our feet at the fascinating world of soils, a critical resource that is often overlooked, in every sense of the word. We speak to soil science expert Professor Claire Chenu on raising public awareness of the crucial role soils play in growing our food and maintaining life on the planet.

We learn about the creation of Europe-wide knowledge and infrastructures that are finding the best ways to restore soil health and manage soils in a ‘climate-smart’ way to ensure they can remain biodiversity-rich habitats that purify and store our waters and regulate our atmosphere.

We also spotlight ‘carbon farming’ that uses carbon sequestration, a negative emission technology enabling soils to absorb and hold more carbon to improve soil health, increase climate resilience, and reduce fertiliser usage. Investments under the EU mission on soil health and food will bring Europe’s soils back to a healthier status and directly contribute to the success of the European Green Deal and its goal of safeguarding our climate and food security.

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