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Programme - Day 2

The live sessions programme of the Research and Innovation days 2022


Join live sessions with interesting speakers talking about the new European Innovation Agenda, the European Year of Youth, the richness of European cultural creativity, the EU Missions and many more topics.

Download the programme in pdf


28 September 2022 | 29 September 2022

Time slot    Session title
Opening Day 2
Unlocking the power of Culture and Creativity for the EU
10:00-10:45Channel 1
Stream the STE(A)M - gender equality 4 studies and careers

Channel 2
New European Bauhaus: Collaboration, Community and Culture for Innovation

Channel 3
A European Collaborative Cloud for Cultural Heritage

Channel 4
The power of the Arts for people’s well-being

11:00-11:45Channel 1
Accelerating access to excellence

Channel 2
Education and Innovation for Skills Development: Empowering the next generation

Channel 3
From lab to market – connecting research, technology and innovation

Channel 4
Startup village: leaving no one behind

12:00-12:45Channel 1
Enhancing trust in science – a conversation with researchers

Channel 2
Youth at the heart of the Green transition

Channel 3
Youth for a Healthy Ocean

Channel 4
EU Mission on Cancer: Focus on needs of young cancer survivors

Channel 5
Young Innovators

Mayors with a mission
Meet, greet and follow the EU Mission Boards
15:00-15:45Channel 1
Onwards and upwards: best practices from Mission Cities

Channel 2
Mission Adaptation to Climate Change: success factors

Channel 3
A Soil Deal for Europe, national and local initiatives for healthy soils

Channel 4
Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters: a Lighthouse for the Danube river

Channel 5
EU Mission on Cancer: Developing a science to policy ecosystem for cancer control

16:00-16:45Channel 1
Beyond the Mission Cities: Opportunities for Synergies

Channel 2
Mission Adaptation to Climate Change: opportunities for synergies

Channel 3
Our Mission: healthy soils

Channel 4
Mission Ocean & Waters: synergies and next steps

Channel 5
Integrating research for new cancer screening programmes

Horizon Impact Award 2022 (prize ceremony)

28 September 2022 | 29 September 2022