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Programme - Day 2

The live sessions programme of the Research and Innovation days 2021


Join live sessions with interesting speakers talking about the future of European research and innovation, and Horizon Europe, the new European research and innovation funding programme.

Create your own programme choosing from all the live sessions available, ranging from high-level plenaries to immersive panel discussions on topics such as the post-COVID-19 recovery, the European Research Area, digitalisation, our green future and more.

24 June 2021

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Time slot     Session title
The new ERA: put in motion (plenary session)
09:30-10:15 Channel 1
A common Policy Agenda and a Pact for R&I
Channel 2
Joint Investments in the context of ERA
Channel 3
Re-imagining science advice to policy after COVID-19. How to build a stronger, better-connected ecosystem in Europe?
Channel 4
Working hand in hand with and for Cohesion in the new ERA
Channel 5
Building careers and being assessed: A challenge for young researchers?
R&I to build back better (plenary session)
11:00-11:45 Channel 1
Partnering with Member States to prioritise transformative R&I investments and reforms
Channel 2
reCO2ver: resilient European low-carbon industries in a new ERA
Channel 3
Mission Ocean, Seas and Waters for Recovery
Channel 4
Regions and local authorities at the forefront of the recovery process
Channel 5
Post-COVID-19 recovery for cities: The New European Bauhaus Initiative
A Global Approach to R&I – combining forces for bigger impact (plenary session)
12:30-13:15 Channel 1
Pooling global efforts to jointly tackle global challenges
Channel 2
Aligning EU and Member State efforts
Channel 3
Association in Horizon – Building bridges for a stronger ERA
Channel 4
Open strategic autonomy: how does it work?
Channel 5
Promoting the fundamental values in research and innovation globally
13:15-14:00 Break
A Clean and Healthy planet for all (plenary session)
14:30-15:15 Channel 1
Europe’s future is the bioeconomy: How can today’s youth shape this transition?
Channel 2
Biodiversity rich farming systems: let’s make it happen!
Channel 3
Clean energy
Channel 4
Smart, inclusive and sustainable mobility
Channel 5
Systemic approaches towards sustainability transitions: Circular Economy as a transversal need
The digital decade: leaving no one behind (plenary session)
16:00-16:45 Channel 1
Transforming digital governments: Where disruptive innovation meets EU values
Channel 2
Digital infrastructures and European Open Science Cloud
Channel 3
The turning point: digital innovation in education and training
Channel 4
Disruptive innovators: from frontier research to conquering new markets
Channel 5
R&I for the future of work – from principles to actions
How can we create a green future together?
Wrap up and conclusions

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