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European Spatial Development Perspective (ESDP)
(Potsdam, May 1999)


The following files contain the final version of the ESDP adopted by the Ministers for Spatial Planning at the Potsdam Council on 10 and 11 May 1999. For a better understanding of the role and objectives of the Spatial Development Perspective, please refer to the Conclusions adopted at this Council.

Full version (7.75 MB)

Part A

Achieving the Balanced and Sustainable Development of the Territory of the EU:
The Contribution of the Spatial Development Policy

  1. The Spatial Approach at European Level (770 KB)
  2. Influence of Community Policies on the Territory of the EU (718 KB)
  3. Policy Aims and Options for the Territory of the EU (120 KB)
  4. The Application of the ESDP (1.97 MB)
  5. The Enlargement of the EU: An Additional Challenge for European Spatial Development Policy (533 KB)

Part B

The Territory of the EU : Trends, Opportunities and Challenges

  1. Spatial Development Conditions and Trends in the EU (2.73 MB)
  2. Spatial Development Issues of European Significance (1.00 MB)
  3. Selected Programmes and Visions for an Integrated Spatial Development (24 KB)
  4. Basic Data for the Accession Countries and Member States (28 KB)

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