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A new partnership for cohesion
convergence competitiveness cooperation

Third report on economic and social cohesion
A new partnership for cohesion
Foreword by Michel Barnier

Michel BarnierThe purpose of this report, the result of work undertaken over the past three years, is to set out the European Commission's vision for the future of Europe's policy to reduce disparities and to promote greater economic, social and territorial cohesion.

Its preparation has not just been a technical exercise. On the contrary, it has involved extensive consultations at European, national, regional and local level in an effort to ensure that this new vision responds to needs and to the legitimate expectations of Europe's citizens.

In the course of these consultations, I have been asked many searching questions on the impact - the "added value" - of the interventions of the European Union in this field. For example, has cohesion policy succeeded in reducing the economic, social and territorial inequalities in standards of living and levels of opportunity ?

The report provides a detailed response to such important questions. It confirms that Europe's added value has been significant at many levels, in terms of the rapid reduction of the gaps in incomes between rich and poor, the creation of many new opportunities often in innovative activities and the creation of the networks linking regions, businesses and people across the continent.

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Intervention de Michel Barnier devant la Conférence des présidents élargie du Parlement européen - Bruxelles, le 18 février 2004 fr


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  A new partnership for cohesion: convergence competitiveness cooperation - Third report on economic and social cohesion
(download the cover pdf 136 Kb)
Table of contents (pdf 70Kb)
  • Part 2 - The impact of Member State policies on cohesion (pdf 294Kb)
    • Introduction
    • Public expenditure implications of national policies
    • The regional incidence of government expenditure
    • Taxation policy and regional GDP
    • Regional development policy in Member States
    • Statistical annex to Part 2
  • Part 3 - Impact of Community policies: competitiveness, employment and cohesion(pdf 367Kb)
    • Introduction
    • The contribution of Community policies to cohesion in the light of the Lisbon and Gothenburg strategy
    • Reforming common policies: CAP and fisheries policy
    • Complementarity between state aid and cohesion policy
    • Justice and home affairs: improving conditions for development
    • The perception of Community policies at regional level
  • Part 4 - Impact and added value of structural policies (pdf 1.02Mb)
    • Introduction
    • Structural interventions in Objective 1 regions: growth, convergence and integration
    • Intervention in Objective 2 regions: restructuring and job creation
    • Support for agriculture, rural development and fisheries
    • Promoting employment, education and training through the ESF
    • Community Initiatives: promoting cooperation and networking
    • Improving the effectiveness of management methods
    • Enlargement and cohesion policy: the challenges ahead
    • The debate on the future of cohesion policy
    • Statistical annex to Part 4


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