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Pilot projects for the long-term unemployed aged 40 and over (July 1998)

In 1995, as a political gesture on behalf of the most marginalised groups, a back-to-work operation was introduced on the initiative of the European Parliament for jobseekers aged 40 and over who had been out of work for at least two years (Budget Article B2-605 with commitment appropriations of ECU 15 million). Between the end of 1995 and the end of 1997, the Commission departments responsible for regional policy on the one hand and social affairs and employment on the other selected sixteen pilot projects in fourteen Member States on the basis of the level of long-term unemployment and the quality of the proposals received.

This report presents the Commission’s conclusions. The programme involves the development of a regional and local strategy combined with experiments based on actual projects, an approach which has highlighted the potential of local development and employment initiatives (LEIs).

Documents available in PDF format.




  1. Call for proposals published in the OJ
  2. Conditions of implementation and financial provisions of the pilot projects
  3. Timetable of pilot projects
  4. 1. List of the benefiting authorities
    2. List of appraisers
    3. List of the promoteurs
  5. Maps and data sheets (economic and social indicators) of the 16 areas presenting the 16 pilot projects
  6. Report of the final conference upon completion of the pilot project
  7. Table on the future of pilot projects
  8. Commission guidelines for pilot projects


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