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Action Plan for Sustainable Urban Development

On 28 October 1999, the Commission adopted "Sustainable Urban Development in the European Union: A Framework for Action", which has four goals:

  • strengthening economic prosperity and employment in towns and cities (which in fact account for 80% of the population of the Union);
  • promoting equal opportunities, social integration and the rehabilitation of run-down areas;
  • improving the urban environment (management of transport, waste, energy etc.);
  • contributing to good urban governance and increased participation of local actors and citizens.

For each goal, the Framework for Action sets out models for action of an innovative nature, based in particular on partnerships involving the public, private and voluntary sectors. It also encourages the networking of projects and tools and the dissemination of "good practice". The idea is not to apply predetermined solutions but to start from local conditions, taking account of the institutional context in each Member State.

The Commission proposes the more effective use of current Community instruments in promoting more integrated urban development. It also recommends adjusting Community policies, legislation and funding in order to encourage the common pursuit of these goals.


The complete text
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