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Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

Recent years have seen a marked increase in cooperation between the public and private sectors for the development and operation of infrastructure for a wide range of economic activities. Such Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) arrangements were driven by limitations in public funds to cover investments needs but also by efforts to increase the quality and efficiency of public services.

The efforts of the Accession Countries and Member States alike to reform and upgrade infrastructure and services has in the past and could continue to potentially benefit from the PPP approach. However, PPPs should only be considered if it can be demonstrated that they will achieve additional value compared with other approaches, if there is an effective implementation structure and if the objectives of all parties can be met within the partnership.

DG Regional Policy has undertaken a wide consultation process within the Commission, involving the EIB, EBRD, PPP units and task forces of the Member States and Candidate Countries. The result can be found in "Guidelines for Successful Public - Private Partnerships" published in March 2003.

As a natural follow up and in the effort to address the knowledge gap in a practical way DG REGIO has produced (June 2004) with the same effective collaboration from the partners above a repertory of PPP case studies across countries and across sectors, called “Resource book”. The Resource book was presented at a Workshop “Building a valuable approach to PPPs” which took place on 5 July 2004.

Questions about PPP and remarks about the Resource book just published as well as on the Guide can be sent to the mailbox with this address:


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